A little back story...

At the end of 2013, I was struggling with digestive issues that were causing excessive bloating, acute stomach pain, and drastic weight loss. Several tests later, I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and bacterial overgrowth.

I was then treated with antibiotics for a month to kill bacteria in my gut followed by a slow reintroduction of food back in my diet.

At that point, I had been sick for several months and was genuinely afraid of food since everything I ate triggered symptoms.

This was clearly affecting my physical and emotional health, and I felt the need to do something about it.

After a round of food trial and error - and falling ill once again - I decided to turn to a plant-based diet.

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It took me about a year to immerse in the world of nutrition and more importantly, to know what worked for my body.

I learned to listen to my body and was pushed to become more creative in the kitchen.

Coming from a culture where food is at the heart of everything, creativity had to take over to convert my favorite dishes into vegan-friendly options to give this new lifestyle a better chance of becoming sustainable.

I slowly started to recover and rebuild my relationship with food, from fear to joy.

And today... My relationship with food.

This experience led me to have a deep appreciation and respect for food and its power to heal and connect.

Besides serving as fuel to our bodies and minds, food plays a huge role in culture, history, and tradition, and I honor and celebrate every piece of it.

Whenever I cook, I know that I’m taking care of myself and there’s so much power in that, that’s probably how most of us perceive a home-cooked meal, as a display of love and care.


On that point, there’s absolutely no need to sacrifice taste for healthy eating. I’ve spent years trying to combine the nutritional and enjoyment aspect of food, and I think that’s the balance to aim for. A diet that nourishes and contributes to peak condition, physically and mentally and that also makes us feel good. No guilt, fear, or shame, just a positive connection with food, however that shapes up for you.

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Why Every Healthy Bite?

I created this space to shed some light on the connection between food and mental health. 

More often than not, health is seen from a single lens, it’s either physical or mental, but we rarely connect both sides in a meaningful way. 

There’s a lot to explore around the link between being healthy and feeling good, and that’s where wellness practices and wholesome foods should blend together.

Why now?

With the growing awareness of mental health and physical conditions that could have been prevented with better nutrition, I see a strong need for reliable information and guidance to make healthy choices.

The widespread noise around food trends creates confusion and conflicting information that makes it even more difficult to navigate a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, that’s why I’m a strong advocate for knowledge, especially when it comes to health.

With reliable sources, we can all feel empowered to learn about the benefits of healthy eating and make informed and intentional choices around food. It should be simple, not confusing!

Why a plant-based diet?

My original reason to turn to a plant-based diet was health-related, however, the more I learned about veganism, the more I understood the whole spectrum of benefits. They range from gut health, energy levels, and maintaining a healthy weight, to mental health and contributing to protecting the environment.

A plant-based diet includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, and legumes. It has been shown to lower the risk of developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and increased longevity.

A plant-based diet includes all necessary protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, and is often higher in fiber.

Even though all the recipes on this site are plant-based, anyone can enjoy them regardless of dietary choices!

My Why

I believe that we become what we get exposed to. If we’re never exposed to a healthy way of living or encouraged to improve eating habits, it would be nearly impossible to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

I want to share the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle by combining wellness practices and nutritious meals, always allowing room for occasional exceptions and indulgence without shame, fear, or guilt!

The way I see it, a plant-based diet is a lifestyle of abundance rather than restriction. I hope I can spread that message showing how easy - and budget-friendly! - it is to take care of yourself.

Thanks for stopping by!