Green Smoothie Cleanse After Travel

Updated: May 26, 2020

green smoothie after travel

Planning an upcoming summer holiday? Then keep this cleansing green smoothie in mind!

Besides being extremely beneficial for your stomach (especially after traveling), it’s refreshing, filling, and delicious! The apple, banana, and dates add the perfect amount of sweetness combined with a tropical coconutty flavor and a final spicy ginger kick. A match made in heaven you can’t miss out on!

green smoothie cleanse

Taking a vacation often means relaxation and food!

One of the best ways to explore new cultures is through local cuisines, but sometimes, there's a little price to pay. After going on holiday, we may feel a bit of stomach discomfort. This is mainly a reaction to an overstimulated digestive system and a change in eating habits.

This cleansing green smoothie recipe has been a lifesaver for a long time.

I travel a lot for work and even though I’m not usually too adventurous with food choices while traveling, I still get stomach discomfort because I’m not eating the type of food I’m familiar with. To counter this, I make this cleansing green smoothie to reset my stomach as soon as I get back home. I drink it at least once a day for a week.

cleansing green smoothie recipe

Basically, what you’re looking for in a cleansing smoothie is high amounts of fiber to help with digestion and bowel movements and nutrients that are especially beneficial to the stomach. We want to help our bodies release accumulated toxins from the gut while providing extra hydration and essential vitamins that we may have lacked during our time abroad.


Yield: 3 cups

Prep time: 5 min

Blend time: 2 min

Total time: 7 min


1 banana

2 dates

1 Granny Smith apple

Lime juice (1 lime)

2 cups kale

a piece of ginger root

1 celery stick

10 oz coconut water (preferably 100% coconut water with no added sugars)

2 tsp chia seeds

cleansing green smoothie


1. Wash the vegetables and fruits

2. In a blender, add all ingredients (except for chia seeds) and blend until smooth.

3. Sprinkle chia seeds on top and voila! It’s ready to be enjoyed.


- Replacements: Coconut water can be replaced by water or any plant-based milk, and kale by spinach. I often gravitate towards kale over spinach for a higher amount of fiber, but spinach works well too.

- Optional: Top it with delicious and crunchy granola.

Approximate Cost:

$5.00. This takes into account the measurements listed in the ingredients section.


This mighty smoothie is packed with fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals from vegetables and fruits. The coconut water adds a tropical flavor while infusing it with much needed natural electrolytes for rehydration, especially if you got an upset stomach while traveling.

Rich in fiber, low in sugar, and high in nutrients to replenish the body and regulate bowel movements - The perfect combination for digestive care.

It's no coincidence that ginger and celery are part of the mix, they’re both known for their benefits in helping with digestion.

Gingerol is the main compound in ginger, responsible for many of its medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It also speeds up the emptying of the stomach, which can help ease indigestion and stomach pain.

Along the same lines, celery’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits support a healthy digestive tract and may improve the stomach lining.

Overall, this is the best combination of nutrients and fiber that you need to improve your digestive system. It also helps that all ingredients are blended so you can give your stomach a little break!

citrus green smoothie

Give this a try next time you’re back from holidays or if you're looking for a refreshing, citrus green smoothie.

Did you try this? Let me know in the comments below and/or tag your creation @everyhealthybite


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