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Easy plant-based recipes for a healthy mind & body.


Here you'll find quick healthy recipes and wellness tips for a healthy mind and body. I also share findings on wellness and vegan nutrition from reliable sources and experts in the field.


Make easy plant-based meals using a few simple ingredients and kitchen tools.


Quick vegan recipes that take less than an hour to make.


A healthy balanced diet.

All the healthy vegan recipes include a nutrition section showing the vitamins and benefits of the ingredients used.


Easy vegan meals on a budget. On average, all the plant-based recipes are around $10.00 for 5-6 servings using simple kitchen tools. Perfect for affordable meal prep.


Hi there!

I'm Carol, a food lover, and nutrition enthusiast.

I'm on a mission to help you take ownership of your health and enjoy doing so with easy vegan meals that nourish your body.

I let simplicity drive every step of the way to show how easy it is to take care of yourself with healthy vegan food. 

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